Computer Repairs and Services

Our services include:

Computer Repairs for any problem you may have (both hardware and software)

Custom built Desktops for customers who may want a specific type of computer built ranging from low to high cost.

Computer Services for businesses which include maintenance packages for both hardware and software.

In addition to these services, we also offer smartphone repairs on selected devices.


Hardware Repairs
Many problems can surface due to issues with a computer's hardware.

We are highly experienced with diagnosing and repairing these problems. Sometimes the worst problems can be caused by anything ranging from a simple unplugged cable, to an entire motherboard fried. We work hard to ensure the best possible service and quality of work available.

Many hardware components of a computer can fail at any time. and when this happens, simply changing the faulty part is an easier solution rather than buying a new computer.

Software Repairs
Computer software having faults? PC running very slow to the point where it is a burden to use? Visit us and we assure you your problems will be solved.

Slow boot and shutdown times occur because of software problems. We can make your computer run much smoother by cleaning all the fragmented files or even re-installing the Operating System.

Custom Built Desktops
The benefit of getting a custom built desktop is being able to choose the exact parts to suit a specific need.

We can build any quality, class or category of computers you may require, ranging from low-end to high-end. This allows us to work around a customer's price range.

For users who require a computer with high specifications for tasks such as Gaming, Video Editing, Mixing and Mastering Music and other similar reasons, this would be the best option. Choosing this route will ensure that you have the necessary hardware to perform all your tasks without straining the computer's hardware. If preferred, customers can give us a specific list of hardware that we will include in a particular build.

Additional customization includes different colours and styles of computer cases and even lights.