Computer Services and Repairs

Devtech Solutions offers computer services and repairs such as hardware and software computer repairs, custom built computers, troubleshooting, virus removal and more.

Web Design

We also offer Web Design services inclusive of domain names and domain hosting. Our range of skills include both dynamic and static website designs.

Logo & Graphic Designs

Logo and Graphic Designs is also included in our list of services. We can create elegant, elaborate and almost any design that you require in an allocated time period.


Devtech Solutions, based in Trinidad and Tobago, originally started as a Computer Repairs business. Today it has expanded into Web and Logo Design services. We strive to provide the most quality and professional services to our customers to ensure a satisfying experience with us.

Our Computer Repair services includes hardware/software repairs and troublesooting, custom built computers for uses such as gaming, video editing, music mixing and mastering, photo editing and more, virus and spyware removal, and much more.

Our Web Design services includes static websites which consists of strictly information that is fixed and does not change regularly or has to be changed manually by the webmaster, and dynamic websites which consists of information that changes based on a database.


  • Phone: 366-3877

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  • Location: We are currently located on Cipero Road in San Fernando.